About ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Child Plans

ICICI Prudential Child Plans have been specifically designed to help your child get guaranteed educational benefits and protect his aspirations and dreams.

ICICI Pru Smart Life

  • This is basically a unit linked insurance plan which provides with a number of selections for investment to accomplish financial goals and improve ICICI Prudential life insurance policy rank for a smarter financial life
  • The policy offers comprehensive protection to safeguard one’s ambitions; on death of the life insured. The policy offers:
    • To take care of any immediate accountability on the family, the policy gives Lump Sum Assured payment
    • A Smart Benefit option is offered where all future premiums due under the policy are waived off and paid by the company to make sure that savings for desired goal carry on without interruption.
  • ICICI Pru Smart Life provides with a choice of portfolio strategies on the basis of one’s requirements:
    • Fixed Portfolio Strategy: It offers the alternative to assign savings in funds of choice from as assorted set of 8 funds
    • Life Cycle Based Portfolio Strategy: This is a unique, personalized strategy on the basis of age to generate a perfect stability between debt and equity
  • Offers Flexibility in Premium Payment - Premium can be paid for the entire policy term or just once under this plan to continue as required
  • To take care of any intermediate financial requirements, the policy permits partial withdrawals following the completion of 5 policy years
  • By mesons of Wealth Boosters and Loyalty Additions, the policy offers loyalty benefits for staying invested over the long period of term
  • Policyholders can decide the level of protection on the basis of their personal needs. This the level of cover helps the policyholder in changing their ICICI Prudential life insurance policy status as per their unique requirements at different life stages
  • The policy offers tax benefits on paid premiums and received benefits as per the income tax act

ICICI Pru SmartKid Regular Premium

  • This is basically an insurance as well as a savings plan from ICICI Prudential Life
  • At key educational milestones, the policy provides with the option to receive payouts for the children of the insured
  • ICICI Pru SmartKid Regular Premium plan offers Guaranteed Addition alternative as well as the Sum Assured in case the death of the insured (parent)
  • Starting from the 6th policy year, at 2% of annual premium, the additional units are allocated every year, given that regular premium has been paid
  • The policy offers a premium waiver in case the unfortunate comes to pass
  • Provides the alternative to decide the portfolio strategy by permitting the most favorable allocation between equity and debt
  • The policy permits partial withdrawal on the basis of thge ICICI Prudential life insurance policy status
  • Tax benefits are offered under this plan

ICICI Pru SmartKid Premier

  • This is basically a ULIP child plan which comes with the payment tenures of 5/ 7 or 10 years (in case of limited pay) or for the full term (in case of regular pay) of the plan
  • The policy offers both joint life and single life comprehensive insurance alternatives
  • Offers several portfolio strategy and the insured can decide between:
    • Fixed Portfolio Strategy:Offers the option to choose where the money is to be invested
    • LifeCycle based Portfolio Strategy: Permits the optimization of the person’s portfolio on the basis of his or her age
    • Trigger Portfolio Strategy: Safeguards the gains made from equity markets by securing it against market risks
  • Helps insured to keep track of their fund performance
  • The policy offers loyalty additions at the end of every 5th policy year starting from the end of the 10th policy year given that all the premiums have been paid
  • Comes with the provision to get payments along the child’s educational life
  • Avail tax benefits