• About Various Insurance Schemes from the Government of India

    The Government of India has come up with a number of effective insurance schemes for the public interest. The policies hold considerable significance. The Government will be totally responsible and liable for these schemes. This is the reason why these government schemes are more reliable. Policies are available in both urban and rural areas of the country. These policies can be purchases online and offline.

    Indian government has introduced schemes for the protection of national health, motor, agriculture, life, cyber security and much more. The main agenda and purpose of these schemes from the government is to spread social awareness as well making people understand the value of insurance in their life. These schemes also serve as a backbone in terms of providing monetary protection against various unfortunate circumstances in the event of damages or losses. Find out the schemes that the government has on offer below.

    Since all these schemes guarantee the security and protection from the Government, all of them stand tall in comparison to other schemes available in the country.